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  When we first put the PlayerLink site up,over two years ago, we had no idea that so many golfers, who wanted an alternative handicapping system, had access to the internet.  The PlayerLink Handicap database is humming with players who have registered and are tracking their statistics.


  The PlayerLink International Handicapping system was formulated in 1987 for a group of amateur and professional golfers who traveled to play matches all over the world for high stakes. Because of the diversity of the locations and the betting format, they needed a system with electronic speed and open to peer review.  PlayerLink decided to put its database on the Internet in 1996 to let any player, with Internet access, post scores, establish a handicap and review the postings of fellow players.

    This public benefit database is provided to players and viewers free.  Costs for maintaining the system are being paid by fearless investors.  In time, we expect our labor of love to attract a large number of players who want to compete for cash prizes and/or use their personal PlayerLink golf journals to post their numbers and stay in touch with the cerebral side of their games.  Golf vendors would pay to advertise their merchandise on the PlayerLink Website. But instead, we will showcase their products in exchange for prize awards to pass on to the players in weekly contest. The grand plan envisions a complete assortment of free player services that are totally funded by entry fees to PlayerLink Golf Tournaments.


    There have been many handicapping schemes in the official history of handicapping. All the major golf councils, unions and associations around the world have considered countless options and proposals over the last three decades and many revisions have been made.

    The need for equity and uniformity is a principle in handicapping. Various formulas that adhere to that basic principle are quite easy to develop for groups that play over and over on the same course. In small groups, almost any simple system that the players agree on is good enough. As the size of the group and the number of golf courses increase, the elementary principle gets stretched further and further. Eventually, we wonder if the largest groups are really even playing the same game with respect to handicap allowances. We know that very few players can explain the intricacies of formulas claimed by their inventors to provide equity for golfers of all skill levels, albeit most regular contestants in handicap tournaments trust the methods.

Player Link's Handicap System has been  used for many years in individual and team formats.  With the advent of the internet, it became obvious that this medium would provide economies in time and cost and in 1993 an email posting system was developed.  By 1994, the association realized that the power of the Internet could also provide an economy of scale if it went public with the system.  The decision was made to create a web site and test the viability of the system and the players desire to use it.  The most surprising discovery was that in an expanded universe, and using the power of the internet technology, the system can be self leveling as never before.

 For example, most handicap systems require the sanctioning body to rate the courses and to keep the study in as small a cluster as possible.  Sheer man/woman power and the vagaries of conditions, customs and even weather dictate this.  But with the almighty computer, the players can rate the courses themselves by their score and opinion of playing conditions on the very day the round was played.  The more play that is recorded, the better the system works.  PlayerLink"s next site makeover will incorporate this feature.

 FAQ     Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my PlayerLink Handicap?

 The PlayerLink Handicapping system is perfect for both competition and efficient practice.    Non-club members can use the system for equity and uniformity in their matches.  Club members can use it for up-to-the instant online calculation that can be adapted for any size group.

  Golf is, second only to baseball, a game of statistics.  Statistics are the personal report card of  golf.  They provide a barometer to all golfers.  PlayerLink uses a complete personal statistics package like the pros use.  With good statistics, players not only keep track of their games; they spot trends, see strengths and areas that require attention.  Now you can check your numbers the way pros do.

Does the Contestant need a handicap to enter the PlayerLink Pro-Am  Tournaments?
No.  Any golfer, or wanna-be-golfer can try to qualify and win cash prizes.  Players without handicaps who qualify for the Challenge events can play in a PlayerLink-Stableford format or, establish a USGA, PlayerLink, Golf Web or other sanctioned handicap, after they qualify.  Another option, of course, is to play at scratch.
Is Player Link's handicap system the same as the USGA system?
No.  PlayerLink and USGA use similar mathematical formulae to calculate handicaps but PlayerLink recalculates scores instantly while the USGA accumulates scores for revision on  a scheduled date each month.  PlayerLink handicaps are not sanctioned for USGA tournaments but players in daily competition appreciate the up to the moment calculation for betting purposes and the convenience of posting online.  The USGA does not permit individuals to post their scores to their golf clubs or computation services over the internet.

The PlayerLink online handicap is accurate, independently designed, up to date and intended to provide all players with a convenient way to track their statistics.  In keeping with the spirit of all golf handicapping method's, PlayerLink postings are available for peer review. (PlayerLink Current Standings page, enter users name.)   .

What is the "Secondary Rating"?
This term reflects the relative playing difficulty of a course for players with a handicap above scratch. To avoid servicemark infringement, the USGA Slope Rating is replaced by the term "Secondary Rating" which is coincidental in the math formula.
Must I enter "Secondary Rating" to generate a handicap?
Yes. For courses that are not rated by the USGA for Slope, the player must estimate the Secondary Rating in a range of 55 to 155 with the average being 113 for men and women. Players can elect to define this rating consistently to obtain equity for all who play together on a regular basis.
What is "Course Rating"?
This is the evaluation of the playing difficulty of a course for scratch players. Course Rating is expressed in strokes and decimal fractions, and is based on yardage and other obstacles to the extent that they will effect the scoring ability of a scratch player.  It is not to be confused with "Yardage Rating" or "Par" for the course. The Course Rating is usually shown on the scorecard adjacent to the Slope Rating.
How many scores must be posted to calculate a handicap and how quickly does each score that is posted recalculate the handicap?
The PlayerLink system calculates instantly from the first score and then calculates each additional posting, on average, instantly as well.
What is "Adjusted Gross Score"?
Adjusted Gross Score is the total score posted after reducing any score on any hole that exceeds double bogie. A more detailed explanation appears in PlayerLink Rules and Conditions *section with definitions of "Course Rating", "Secondary Rating" and other special edifications.
I have registered but when I try to post score, I get a "Player Not Found" error message.
Usually this means that the Registration Form was not completed and/or an incorrect E-mail address was used. There are also some other possible reasons for the error message which are discussed in the Registration * section of the Web site.
I have previously registered and got email confirmation, but when I try to enter my name, I come up with "Player Not Found". I have confirmed the correct spelling and password from email.
This player registered backwards with his first and last name; but there are several easy-to-make user glitches like using the wrong email address, leaving out registration or posting information, etc. We are in the process of making over the site to make it more intuitive and quicker to use.
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