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Even More on Handicapping

For example, most handicap systems require the sanctioning body to rate the courses and to keep the study in as small a cluster as possible. Sheer man/woman power and the vagaries of conditions, customs and even weather dictate this. But with the almighty computer, the players can rate the courses themselves by their score and opinion of playing conditions on the very day the round was played. The more play that is recorded, the better it gets. The sheer speed of the Internet is another example. PlayerLink's calculations are displayed almost instantly after posting and available for "peer review", eliminating the need to look over another player's shoulder when the posting is entered.

PlayerLink uses the power of the Internet to provide both online posting and use the power of numbers and its connections to obtain special rates from courses and other vendors who support a free online handicapping system

Webster's earliest definition of the noun, "handicap" is: "the advantage given or disadvantage imposed to equalize chances of winning." Perhaps the book's later meaning is more accurate:
"A disadvantage that makes achievement unusually difficult."

The basic PlayerLink Formula uses a derivative of the difference between a player's Adjusted Gross Score and the Course Rating expressed in plus or minus strokes and decimal fractions of a stroke. The lowest 10 derivations of the most recent 20 scores are multiplied by 96% and then rounded off to the nearest decimal fraction of a stroke. Alternatively, when less than 20 scores are available, the computation is made as follows:
Rounds PlayedRounds Used
2 - 4Lowest 2
5 - 6" 3
7 - 8" 4
9 - 10" 5
11 - 13" 6
14 - 15" 7
16 - 17" 8
18 - 19" 9
20" 10

Course Ratings indicate the playing difficulty of a course and is based on yardage and other obstacles.

PlayerLink is in the process of developing coding for the site software that will allow players many useful options to use computer technology for fun and game improvement.

Players will have controllable options to adjust the calculation formulas to suit their specific needs. For example, a player may want to compare his PlayerLink Handicap Allowance to opponents who are using the USGA, SCA, AGA or other Handicap Systems. Or, players in a group may decide by agreement to raise or lower the factor of course difficulty because of weather or the vagaries of playing conditions. There are several methods of tracking statistics as well.

Note: A complete discussion and explanation of how to use the alternative calculation options will be published and will be sent to all registered Players, at no charge, during the early part of the 2014 golf season.

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