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About PlayerLink

PlayerLink was formulated in 1987 for a group of amateur and professional golfers who traveled to play matches all over the world. Because of the diversity of locations and the contest format, they needed a system with electronic speed that could be open to peer review. As a result, in 1996 a website was created and opened to the public. In spite of the fact that no advertising or notice to any of the Internet directories was undertaken, Playerlink quickly became popular. Players found the site through fellow golfers or while surfing.

Our CEO had long been the driving force behind Playerlink, keeping the site going out of pocket, making sure golfers all over the world had access. In the spring of 1999, he joined forces with another golf enthusiast, and together they worked tirelessly for months to create an updated version of Playerlink for the new millennium.

The new Playerlink debuted in January 2000, adding a full range of personalized options for a player to track his or her game, as well as a streamlined navigation system making it easier than ever to use. With the explosion of popularity of both golf and the Internet, Playerlink is poised as never before not only to provide the best handicap and stats service on the net, but to take advantage of the business and service potential for hooking up millions of golfers with computers worldwide with the companies offering the products and services they want.

In a member-based free Internet forum such as Playerlink, we believe it imperative to tread the fine line between the amazing business possibilities the Internet provides, and addressing the needs and concerns of our members. We do it by adhering to what Playerlink has always been about - Personal Connections. We take this approach with member and business partner alike, which allows us to provide a useful, fun, and easy-to-use golf site for our members, and a premier audience for the golf-related businesses around the world, without compromising our belief that it be done tastefully. We hope you enjoy...

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